Why Should I Design and Build?

Design and build is a construction style that essentially means your new home or renovation project is designed and built by the same team. Rather than enlisting an architect to draw up plans and then approaching a builder to bring them to life, design and build means the same team can do it all. 

The perks of design and build are wide-ranging but in short it means your project will be designed to budget and with both your vision andsite considerations in mind. As one party will look after everything, including contracts and construction, your house will come within budget when you design and build.

Another great benefit of design and build is that it means the client can be actively involved in the design and construction phases of their home. This can be inspiring as it gives clients a lasting sense of pride about their finished home; a feeling of “I helped create that”. In addition to the above, here are our top 5 advantages of design and build:

1. Communication

The design and build process relies upon regular, open and honest communication for the successful completion of a project. As the client is involved at every step along the way, the builder must ensure the entire build journey is transparent to ensure everyone is working toward the same vision. 

Having a single channel of communication (i.e. builder – client) means communication is instantaneous and ensures issues can be resolved without delay, which improves your project schedule and timeline.

2. Timelines

When you have design and construction housed under the one roof, your project is likely to get off the ground more quickly, which in turn will see faster, more cost-effective results. Having your project scheduled in from the very early stages of the design phase is also likely to lead to earlier commencement on site.

3. Teamwork

Design and build doesn’t mean your builder will actually design your home; rather, they will work closely with a trusted architect or building designer to create a customised and quality project for you. This may have an in-house design team for building design and/or interior and exterior design. Your builder will select ‘teammates’ that they know they can work with and lean on for both support and creative, innovative solutions throughout the build. 

Whether it is your dream home or an investment property, all team members work collaboratively in a design and build project, using their unique expertise to elevate the overall design, process and finished product. 

4. Single Point of Responsibility

When you work with a separate architect and builder, it can be difficult to pinpoint responsibility when issues arise. Too often the blame game will begin, which will only add stress and delays to your build journey. When you design and build, you will have one contact and one point of responsibility should a problem arise. 

This eliminates the need for the blame game as your builder, architect and engineer are a united front, all working toward the same outcomes. Everyone has equal responsibility for the finished look, final costs and timeline; while you as the client have one entity to hold to account for any issues. 

Another thing to note is that when one group design and builds your project, there tends to be far more attention given to pricing and scheduling at the beginning of the project.

5. Cost

Your budget, feasibility and scope of works are defined early when you design and build.. Because your builder is involved, site challenges are also identified and factored into the design process for ease of construction and efficient delivery. 

This leads to minimal variations as a cost analysis is considered early on in the process – this includes all fees, construction costs, utilities and landscaping allowances. In contrast, when you design and build separately, the project cost is not known until well after the design process has been completed.


Design and build offers you the peace of mind to always know exactly where your project is at and who to contact should you have questions. It generally results in a more stress-free and exciting build journey, especially when you’re working with the right team. 

But design and build is a big commitment, so it’s essential that you select a builder you can maintain a good working relationship with throughout the project. To find out more about the design and build process, get in touch with Glenco Building Group today.

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