How to Choose Tiles for Your Next Bathroom or Kitchen

Choosing the right floor and wall tiles for your next kitchen and bathroom project can seem daunting at first however, the task can be made infinitely simpler knowing what to look out for during the selection process. From selecting the right materials to working through the balance of your colour palette, the following simple tips will ensure the perfect design scheme in your next project.

Creating the Perfect Colour Palette for your new Kitchen or Bathroom

The best way to create a complete and cohesive colour palette for your new kitchen or bathroom is to start your colour and material selections from the ground up! Start your selection by making a decision on the type and colour of your flooring and then work your way up through the remaining elements of your design. In a bathroom, start with selecting your floor tiles, followed by your wall tiles, cabinetry colour and finish and then your vanity benchtop. Complete the look with accessories and coordinating bathroom fittings for a simple and straightforward way to create the perfect colour scheme. The same applies to a new kitchen design: Starting off with your kitchen floor tiles, select your kitchen cabinetry finish next, followed by your benchtop and splashback.

This technique rids you of ‘selection overwhelm’ (where the many options available for each element of your design make the selection process overwhelming and frustrating!) by giving you a set roadmap to focus on. Starting your selection process off by setting the foundation of your design, i.e. your flooring, allows for each following decision to have a solid starting post to base it on, making the process infinitely easier!

How to Choose Floor Tiles

Floor tiles in the bathroom or kitchen should be thick and durable enough to handle the daily wear that these areas usually experience. It is also crucial to consider the tile’s slip resistance as both of these areas will obviously experience some spills on the flooring.

The best options to consider when selecting floor tiles specifically include porcelain tiles, concrete tiles and natural stone options. These three varieties of floor tiles offer the best range to suit horizontal applications with porcelain tiles being especially favoured thanks to their renowned durability and the appeal of their low maintenance characteristics. Where concrete and natural stone tiles are porous and will therefore absorb moisture and liquid spills if not properly sealed regularly, porcelain tiles will provide a near completely non-porous material, allowing for better ease of maintenance if this is of particular concern for you. There are, of course, some exceptions: certain varieties of enamelled glass mosaic tiles or terracotta tiles, for example, can also be used as a flooring option however, these aren’t always the most popular flooring solutions for busy home kitchens and bathrooms!

Ideally, your new bathroom or kitchen floor tiles will provide some grip underfoot in these spaces while also offering a surface finish that is simple to maintain in the often messy environment of the kitchen and bathroom. The Patrona Porcelain tile collection offers a stunning low-maintenance alternative option to traditional encaustic tiles using a range of exciting geometric patterns to create a sense of drama in your design.

How to Choose Wall Tiles

There is a little more creative freedom in your selection of bathroom or kitchen wall tiles in comparison to your flooring. When selecting floor tiles, one must consider the material’s ability to withstand foot traffic while also providing a comfortable and non-slippery finish underfoot. When it comes to selecting wall tiles however, these issues are not a concern, allowing for more creativity in their design. Wall tiles are available in an enormous variety of materials, textures and colours.

Glass tiles can be used as a bathroom feature or splashback for a dramatic and bold addition to your design scheme. The texture and variation of colour in the Lumia collection in our Portsea project creates a spectacular play on light and shadow .

Tiles that have been specifically designed for vertical use only will often be much lighter and softer than floor tiles, making them simpler to lay while also providing the additional benefit of being simpler to drill through, making installation of accessories such as towel rails and wall shelves much easier.

The best way to select the perfect wall tiles for your kitchen or bathroom is to consider what type of look or style you want to achieve in the space. Looking for a luxurious and glamorous vibe? Glass, pearl finish, or mirror mosaic tiles may be worth considering! Are you after more of a beachy vibe? Sleek handmade ceramic wall and floor tiles will provide the perfect look with their organic lines, delightfully uneven surface finish and impressive range of earthy as well as more vibrant colour options to choose from. Each style of interior will lend itself well to a particular variety of colours and tile options, effectively narrowing down your options and streamlining the selection process. 

Creating the perfect colour palette for your next kitchen or bathroom can seem overwhelming at first; after all, with so many incredible options to choose from, it can be difficult to know just where to start! With a few simple steps you can effectively narrow down your options and make the decision making process infinitely simpler.

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