Design Inspiration for a Bayside Home

Australia is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, so it should come as no surprise that more than 85% of Australia’s population lives within 50km of the coast. 

With such a high volume of the population living near the ocean, incorporating basic design features into a home that maximise on this is incredibly important. Keep reading to discover five simple design features to inspire your Bayside home build on the Mornington Peninsula.

1. Skylights

If you’re going to have one thing inside your Bayside home, it needs to be an abundance of natural light. Bayside homes should never feel dim or cramped, but rather open, airy and light. 

Bathrooms, hallways, stairwells and laundries have a tendency to be dark and dreary if they receive little or no daylight. Skylights are an affordable and eco-friendly solution that provides more natural light than traditional windows. 

Their diversity of shape and size means they can be tailored to suit most residences, assisting in reducing the boundary between indoors and out.

2. Open-plan living spaces

Open-plan living has become an increasingly popular design choice in Bayside homes – and Australian homes in general. A move away from multiple segregated rooms all with a singular purpose, open plan living encourages one or several large and flexible spaces that can be used for various reasons.

Opting for an open-plan design not only gives the home a cohesive feel, but it also accentuates space, creating a home where residents feel free to move around. 

Space is a key thing to consider in a Bayside home, as you’ll want to encourage feelings of relaxation and calm in an uncluttered environment.

3. Balconies

A balcony is a feature worth considering in your Bayside home – especially if you want to take advantage of the views, natural light and fresh air. 

Even if you have a garden, you can still significantly benefit from a balcony. The garden can be used for activities, entertaining or spending time with your children, while your balcony can act as your little haven and escape from the world. 

4. Functional outdoor space 

Many people strive to have beautiful home interiors and forget about the importance of outdoor living spaces, which are essential to everyday life. Having a functional and serene outdoor space will encourage you to spend more time outside, which is known to improve both mental and physical health. 

A functional outdoor space should be somewhere you can enjoy, rain or shine. This may mean installing a retractable awning or outdoor blinds to protect you from the elements. Consider enhancing your outdoor space with a barbecue, kitchen or pizza oven, so you can depend on this space rather than moving between inside and out. 

Incorporating a functional outdoor space that can be used all year round into your home design is also a great way to increase its resale value!

5. Use natural materials 

When it comes to building a Bayside home, the timber beach shack is a highly sought-after design aesthetic. The use of timber cladding in the home’s exterior adds a natural look, and seamlessly blends with its coastal surroundings. 

In order to create a relaxed design within the home, consider choosing furniture made out wicker, rattan, or light, weathered timbers. When searching for design inspiration for your Bayside home, you often won’t find many metallics or flashy textures, but rather, natural materials, like sheer curtain panels.


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