Adding ‘Luxe’ Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to building a luxury custom home on the Mornington Peninsula, you’ll likely want to include all the features, styles and fittings you’ve always dreamt of. Unfortunately, when it comes time to add these extras up, your building budget doesn’t always allow for this. 

The good news is there are plenty of ways to add wow-factor to your home without breaking the bank. Keep reading to hear our top 6 ideas for creating a luxe home that’s well within your budget.

1. Pay attention to high traffic areas

Creating a luxe custom home is all about paying special attention to the areas that will be seen by guests. We’re talking about creating a grand entrance, designing a standout kitchen, dining or living room, or a feature powder room that will get people talking.

One of the best ways you can add a hint of luxe to a high traffic area is by adding feature wall lining instead of plaster. This can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space, with the texture of the wall lining adding a little something different.

If you’re building a custom duplex development with a long hallway, we recommend adding a product like James Hardie Axon lining to break up the space. The large sheet size of this material makes it a perfect choice for homes with high ceilings. You could also consider this product as a feature wall in wet areas as it is water resistant.

If you’re looking to upgrade to ‘luxe’, your powder room is the space to consider it. As this is bound to be used by all of your guests, consider upgrading some of the finishes and features in this room over other spaces, like the kid’s bathroom for example. Add floor-to-ceiling tiles to one wall, install an eye-catching pendant light, select a feature mirror or upgrade the basin or tapware for a unique custom finish. While they’ll add a splash of style to your powder room, these are all cost effective solutions that won’t break the bank.

2. Provide a feature

Whether it’s a door, wall, tile or tap, you can’t go wrong with a feature in your Mornington Peninsula custom built home. This is a low cost and easy way to make your new space pop. If you’re worried about breaking the design ‘rules’ by having a gold tap in one room and brushed nickel in the rest, don’t be – that’s exactly what it is… a feature!

Your kitchen or powder room is a prime example of this – adding a feature colour or style in the form of tapware packs a punch and, if selected correctly, will seamlessly tie in with the feel of the rest of the home. 

3. Tiling

For your wet areas, tiling is another great way to add a luxe feel for less. Floor to ceiling tiles will always add a wow-factor but they’re not necessarily a must-have in the bathroom. Opt for floor-to-ceiling tiles on one wall or, if you want to pull back to minimal tiling (and spend), you could consider full height tiles to the shower area only. 

Considering the way the your tiles are going to be laid and the material of the tile can have a big impact on your final price. With that being said, adding a feature mosaic tile to the shower niche, vanity splashback or top part of a dwarf wall only may be another consideration.

4. Custom joinery 

If you have a small nook, installing custom built joinery is a great way to make use of the space effectively. For example, under the staircase you may be able to create a wine cellar or add a small home office or study area next to the living area.

As with all of the above, it’s important to chat through your ideas with your Mornington Peninsula builder at the early stages – one small design tweak and you could move a wall to create a new space, but this is difficult to plan once construction has begun. When you plan ahead, you could create a hidden study nook or perhaps you have room in the main living area for one, like we did at this Gleneagles project.

In the entrance of your home, you may be able to add a mudroom for all the school bags and dirty shoes or, in the living room, a few custom shelves and joinery may complete the room and achieve the style you are after. Adding custom handles to your kitchen joinery may also help you achieve the desired look for less.

5. Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating may be cheaper than you think… Adding this feature to your living spaces or the wet areas only can be a cost-effective way to add a warm, high-end feel to your home. Even if it’s just something you consider in the master ensuite, you’re bound to feel like a king or queen with underfloor heating. 

As with most aspects of a custom built Mornington Peninsula home, this is something that is best discussed in the design phase and a custom home builder, like Glenco, should be able to discuss pricing options from the early stages. You’ll certainly be grateful for these conversations on cold winter mornings!

6. Electrical considerations

Electrical elements play an important role in the function of your home, however these are often overlooked by custom home building clients. The options are endless these days – you can essentially automate your entire home, but if you’re looking to do it without spending a fortune, a few lighting additions will do the trick. 

When it comes to feature lighting, extra wall lights along the staircase or hallway will be utilised and seen every single day. Adding LED strip lighting to your vanities or on the underside of overhead joinery can also add impact to your lighting plan. In the bedroom or main living area, consider dimmers to add a new level of warmth and a soft look and feel. 

In terms of switches and general-purpose outlets, we love the Iconic range, which is loaded with clever features to make your life easier and more luxurious. From USB chargers and night-time sensor lights, to energy saving sensors and multi-way control of lights, Iconic has got you covered. If you want to keep costs down, consider only upgrading your light switches or, if the budget allows, the Styl or Essence ranges might be the premium touch you’re after. 

Find out more about the electrical considerations you should be thinking about in your new custom built home on the Mornington Peninsula.


Utilise your Mornington Peninsula luxury home builder and interior design when planning your dream home. With their experience, they will have a selection of unique ideas to suit you and will already be aware of your budget and style.

Thinking about building or renovating? Here at Glenco Building Group, we have an in-house design team ready to work with you from concept through to completion. If you’re ready to add a hint of luxe to your custom home, without breaking the bank, get in touch with Glenco, the Mornington Peninsula builders of choice, today!

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