Why it Pays to Engage a Builder Early On

You’ve taken that exciting first step and decided to create a custom home from scratch – but what should you do next?

In order to make the process as smooth as possible, engaging a builder should be at the very top of your list. As soon as you hire a builder, you will have access to their expertise and knowledge, helping with everything from design to budget and sourcing the right materials and people for the job.

Here, we break down why engaging a builder early on is essential and how Glenco Building Group’s comprehensive building design, interior design and construction services could help you begin the exciting journey towards your dream home today.

A builder can help with… Building Design

When planning a custom home, it may seem logical to reach out to an architect first. While architects are able to help you with your designs, they may lack crucial knowledge about up-to-date costings. 

When engaging a builder like Glenco Building Group, every step of the process will be handled in-house. With a full range of building services on offer, we can develop the concept design, town planning drawings and submissions, and construction documentation. 

With one team looking after every part of the project, you can rest assured knowing everyone is on the same page and communication will be seamless. You won’t need to act as liaison between architect and builder and can relax knowing there will always be someone available to give you an overview of the project and make sure everything stays within budget.

A builder can help with… Interior Design 

Our team understands how important interior design is – this is why all of our clients meet with our experienced in-house designer early on in the process. Inject your personal style into your dream home and make your vision come alive by choosing the colours, materials and fixtures that work for your build. 

Your ideas will be presented via moodboards, renders and 3D videos, making it easy to visualise how your home will look upon completion. As everyone is working together in-house, it’s easy to get the ball rolling on sourcing materials, with your builder on hand to make sure everything stays within that all-important budget.

A builder can help with… Construction

Once the exterior and interior designs have been taken care of, work can begin on your custom home. When you engage a builder early on and choose a comprehensive design and build package, you’ll always have a key contact to reach out to along the way. This is crucial for keeping you updated throughout the process and making sure any questions are dealt with in a timely manner. 

By finding your builder at the very start of the process, it’s far more likely your project will stay in budget and be completed on time. That means you can relax, knowing your home is in safe hands, every step of the way.


To begin the journey towards your dream home or to learn more about our building design, interior design and construction services, get in touch with the team at Glenco Building Group today.

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